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Pep Guardiola Match Analysis Method

My first and new mini-book is ready. After days and nights and a lot of extra hours I managed to write this mini-book about how Pep Guardiola is working with match analysis and how his staff members(Planchart & Torrent) are helping him to develop his model of play and his game.

There are 22 pages of information ready to serve your match analysis need including methodology, strategy, organization and technology during FC Barcelona, Manchester City and FC Bayern periods.

Also this material can help curios people to understand how a staff workflow can impact a professional football team.

If you want to read you can order it NOW!

Price: 10 euro

European Scouting Biopsy

I released my second e-book after 1st one have real succes. After “Pep Guardiola Match Analysis Method”, “European Scouting Biopsy” comes in front of current scouts needs to touch the perfection and re-define themself after models from Atletico Madrid and Andre Villas Boas. More than 50 pages of fresh and full of important informations puzzled after spanish, italian and dutch methodology. Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, InStat and WyScout.

Price: 15 euro