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REFERENCES AND GAME PRINCIPLES – Barcelona, ​​first that of Cruijff and then that of Guardiola. Van Gaal’s Ajax. But also his Milan of Carlo Ancelotti and his Juventus of Antonio Conte. These are the references from which Pirlo drew most inspiration. Fixed points of the history of world football they have led the technician to believe that “a proactive, attacking and quality football can give great advantages. Greater enthusiasm in the environment, greater involvement on the part of players and staff. Dynamics, these, necessary to be able to create that empathy that is the basis of success”. But in addition to the philosophical aspect, there is also the practical one in the pages discussed in Coverciano: “Do not score goals. Recover the ball as quickly and as high as possible”. These are the foundations of Pirlo thought.

HOW YOUR TEAM WILL PLAY – Andrea Pirlo gave indications and ideas in his thesis. And partly hinted at something more about how his highly anticipated Juventus will play: “The striker attacks the depth, the wings widen in width. The interiors rise in the finishing area and the full-backs come in under construction. The central midfield player dances between the two defenders reading the situation (one or two opponents in pressing). We will therefore go to position ourselves on the field with a 3-2-5 or 2-3-5 in the offensive phase. “

GOALKEEPER, DEFENSE, CENTRAL MIDFIELD AND FORWARD. WHAT PIRLO IS ASKING FOR – Going even more specifically, between the lines you can also read the specifics of the roles that will form the backbone of his teams. The goalkeeper, first of all: “In addition to the classic characteristics of the goalkeeper in defending the goal, a modern goalkeeper cannot fail to have qualities in the defense of space forward and in the game in possession of the ball”. THE defenders, then: “In the possession phase, the defenders became the first directors of the team”, explains Pirlo. There is curiosity to understand who and how in the role of Pirlo will play it, this year and in the future: “the effectiveness of technical players with great vision of the game in the middle of the field has been rediscovered. Obviously, to these skills must be added a good dose of mobility to be able to perform more functions (construction and finishing for example) and an especially mental predisposition to the defensive phase with immediate re-attack in case of loss of the ball “. Inevitable closure with thestriker of reference: “In my model of play, the attack of depth (even short) is a very important element and often it is the attacker who deals with it continuously (even if attacks in the space of midfielders or wielders can be lethal ) “.

Offensive Phase

The build-up must have 3 characteristics: advancing with the ball, filter the ball with a pass, ball posession (making ball “free” all the time). Also he needs a “ball playing Goalkeeper”. He wants to play more inside than outside, destroying every pressure line of opponent one by one, compact team, and if the ball is lost not to risk a transition who could be dangerous for his team. He will use rotations and exchanging positions, dynamic ball posession. In the beggining will be waiting and preparation and forward will be fast and direct.

The sub principles are:

a)Creating diamonds

b)Creations and occupations of free spaces

c) Game codes: support when the ball is not free, runs when the ball is free

d)Keep your position

e)Attack the space with the ball

f)Prepare right and finish left

g)Keep the ball at the ground

h)Diagonal passes

i)Third man concept

j)I play where I see

Andreea Pirlo 1-3-2-5

The sub-sub principles are:

a) one-two and wall pass

b)cut inside wingers


d)winger insertions

e)one-two for the third

Defensive Phase

Pressing is the weapon. High pressing mentallity cause to his players mental and emotional stability. He likes his players to protect the goal.

Counterpressing – main goal will be the most close player to cover the ball and to give time to others to regroup and build again the defensive lines. In a game of a top team statistics says you can do it 30-35 times, 70% chances to do it with succes, it last 5 seconds and involves a media of 2,5 players per actions.

Andreea Pirlo Counterpress

We press high on the opponent’s construction from behind, studying and preparing the opposition, climbing forward and isolating one or two opposing players on the weak side.The defensive line plays high and aggressive and the goalkeeper is essential inguaranteeing coverage to the central players and covering the depth. Having recovered the ball in the offensive, we quickly attack the opponent’s goal (5-10 seconds if it doesnot materialize, we keep possession and resume our positional structure). We try to isolate the opponent by bringing him to the sideline. The attacker gives the signal to press.

Andreea Pirlo High press and dead zone & active zone

Marking up will be man-man and in the own half will be mixt (marking-covering).

He likes to do active zone/dead zone. The team must be tight and short, intense.

The defensive line work together but in relations also with the opponent.

One of central midfilders cand enter and for a line of 5 in the last 30 meters.

Andreea Pirlo 6 zones of the box and positions

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