AC Milan is the best Italian Serie A team post Covid-19 pandemy

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Today, Massimo Lucchesi, an italian author and methodolog, released on his Facebook profile one of the most interesting statistics regarding Il Calcio post pandemy time.

League winner Juventus finished in this form table on 6th position, Atalanta remained high and better than before pandemy. Also Lazio can be considered a dissapointment not fighting until the end for the title. Last 3 teams, all three relegated.

A good table has also Sassuolo with 19 points and Udinese with 17 points.

The factors who probably influenced the form of the teams were for sure a good backroom staff & optimal methodology applied, good decision making for head coaches, players quality and why not, luck.


Serie A provide the most offensive championship from TOP 5 Europe

1.154 goals were scored in 380 games, 4th best performance from Serie A history. Over Premier League (1.034), Bundeslinga (982) and La Liga with 942.

The 0-0 and 1-1 plus the shorter victory but classic italiano 1-0 is not anymore a pattern in Serie A. Catenaccio and super tactical games is not anymore on fashion and the results changed, radically, in the last 3-4 years. The proof that Serie A, closed the season last night, were scored the most goals from Top 5 Europe, media being 3,037. Really amazing.

Bundesliga, better average goals with 3.21

It’s 4th best ofensive performance from the history of peninsular championship. Behind, but at a long distance, comes Premier League England with 1.034 and Bundesliga Germany with 982 in 306 games, higher average media with 3,21 and surprise, La Liga Spain on 4th pace with 942 goals. Ligue 1 France was not taking into account, 704 goals in 279 games in 28 rounds.

And Golden Boot goes to Ciro Immobile with 36 goals in 37 games.

411 goals scored best teams in Serie A: Atalanta (98), Inter (81), Lazio (79), Roma (77) and Juventus (76)

1.265 goals best record Seriei A history, established in 1949-’50, average media of 3,329. Last time when the teams such a lot of goals was in season1947-’48

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