When the light shines

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I dont know, but the summer was coming fast and also I had a fantastic motivation to finish my second e-book ” European Scouting Biopsy”.

Today I had to spend 20 minutes to check my e-mail and to send the books to the buyers. I also signed them.

My phone was ringing every time I selled one book and I was happy a lot of times 🙂

After yesterday announcement I received some reactions from you:

“Thanky you. I was waiting something on Scouting part and you did it for us, also I am happy to see another Andre Villas Boas scouting report from Chelsea.”
Thomas -Denmark

“Hey, coach! I’ve read the chapters and it looks interesting the comparation between amateur scouting report and professional scouting report. Keep up the good work.” Roberto – Italy

You know that internet is full of information about match analysis and scouting. And you know that I know about you a lot of things: you are bored to see amateurs writing and commenting everywhere. Before, it was nothing. Now it’s too much. Important is to make the difference when you buy a book. And mine belive me MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.

You can order it here: https://matchanalysis.net/portfolio-library-e-books/

Have a nice day!

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