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Hello, my colleagues

Today I will present you the “Italian Style” to break the game

The information that I will present is from match analyst (Lorenzon and Gagliardi) who work or worked with Luigi Di Biagio, Antonio Conte, Roberto Mancini, Maurizio Vicidi (coordinatore U21 Italy) during World Cup Qualifiers, World Cup, Euro U21, World Cup U17 Women and friendly games

To be honest, this way of “breaking the model of play” of an opponent made me to put myself in a position to re-think my way of doing my job

So, le’s going into the information…

Source: Il Notiziario Tecnico della FIGC


  1. Positional Play – normal for me, two types of build up as usual
  2. Possesion under Pressing – interesting, i used to watch it but for me it was just a detail considering the quality of teams and patterns in pressing(if they exist or is chaotic)
  3. Possesion under Counterpressing – i used this in transition moment, they moved it in offensive
  4. Transition Positive – counteraatacks from own half to rival half(disorganized maximum 7 seconds)
  5. Second Ball – they moved it under offensive play, again interesting, i used also to sort it in transition or not to pay attention (zone 3 and zone 4, especially in midfield central park)


  1. Rival without pressing or pressure action, all behind the ball – behaviours and how they open or close the ball
  2. Pressing and pressure as organized move of the team/block
  3. Counterpress – side and central zones, especially opponent half
  4. Transition Negative – counteraatacks from rival half to own half(disorganized maximum 7 seconds and if you do counterpress)
  5. Second ball – when possesion of the ball is unsure and unclear.

Now, this way of make the analysis give me a new perspective to see football and analysis

Every coach has his own way, analyst own way

You have to choose what fits for your team the best…

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