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Hello, my friends!

For today I will explain you a new INDEX relative new in the world of football.

It’s about “PLAYING INITIATIVE” calculated by the specialist in points. This index make reference to the capacity of centre back of a team to build up short on every 6m kick or after a shot of opponent.

For every club and analysis team is super important because it gives you a big picture about the …

1.power of a team to attract in pressing or pressure

2.power of a team to play with the ball down

3.about using/not using a target man and second ball in midfield

4.what type of striker/forward you use in pressure (dynamic or not)

And many more…

For example you have here a picture to interpret the data.

Playing Initiative Index – La Liga

Important to see REAL MADRID is the team who uses the most centre backs in build up short but followed by FC BARCELONA super-close. This is meaning TOTAL FOOTBALL, technical centre backs. And the concept of UNIVERSAL PLAYER makes more and more sense.

REAL SOCIEDAD is surprisingly on 3rd posiiton beating LA LIGA media with more that 5 points!

And in the end, Alaves, the team with lowest rating for centre back build up, 40 points. This is not meaning they build up only long, this is meaning they have the build up short but not so efficient with vertical play to break the lines or oriented their possesion in wider areas not risking too much.

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