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Different coaches, different phylosophy of footbal. But, as any science, has something which can be solid rock as principles of play. This principles of play are and shoud be individual, worked after your charachter, team quality, player talent and club tradition. You can make a very long conversation about #principles of play and #game moments. Guradiola doesnt divide it, #tactical periodisation as well no, Seirul-lo also, but some head coaches like Klopp uses #microciclo estructurado. What is this? A practical weekly periodisation in which you work your principles of play or how to block you opponent.

Today I will present you just a photo made by colleague Kevin Balvers, analyst of Vitesse Arnhem, one of the best match analyst in the world in my opinion.

Source: Kevin

The conclusion you can think it by yourself. You can agree with or not. But most important: a ideea is better than 10 books if you put in practical only one concept!

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