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This year, SICS, decided to differentiate the type of cross that a team is providing for their strikers. Let’s see what the science has to say!

#Cross Traditional – still used the most by the teams, but with low efficiency over all, the media is 10 per game in Serie A TIM, 15 Torino and 6 Sassuolo. Only 2,2% arrive at the goal meaning you need 45 crosses to score 1 single goal!

#Cross Low – not used by the teams, only 1 time per game, Napoli uses 3rd per game, only 1,5% transformed in goal, meaning you need 65 times for 1 goal. Too much!

#Cross Cutted Back – the most less used, media per #squadra being 0,8 per game. Napoli still 1st with two tries per game. But 5,3% bring the goal. You need 18 cross like this to score one goal.


Of course, the type of cross is depending of the type the striker you have in your team. But, more important, it can depend on the system you play. If you have two good #box-to-box in a #4-3-3 players you can use two types of cross. If you play #4-3-1-2 you can use low crosses, #3-5-1-1 like Udinese in the past with Di Natale you can use only low crosses or cutted back ones. If you are #Barcelona you can’t send #traditional crosses. If you are a low(poor) team and use a #target man with height for sure you can do it even from far, not only from near 16 m box area.

More important of all this theory is about #creativity and #game intelligence. And… #Statistics will never dye. Because the numbers all the time speak!

Source: Antonio Gagliardi (Match Analyst Italia)

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