Big Data in Modern Football >> Tips for match analyst job

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Sometimes, in your job, you become unclear what to do, how to approach things. Especially if is something new or relative new!

Seeing a movie (Pi – Aronowski) had opened my eyes and I extracted different things adapting them to big data.

As the football game evolves, aswell the data and the way you use it will become more and more important.

The difference between a 300.000 euro and a 500.000 player can be seen with the free eye? What kind of process make the cheaper one better than the expensive one. The method of training, analysing and in the end the constant winning mentallity using everything can improve a football player.

Analyzing a team. Normal team vs Big Team 

Did you see that when you watch a normal team is a lot of chaos in their game? This is conducting to the individual quality of players so the path you should follow more than collective data is individual player to see the strenght and the weakness of players. The opposite happens with big team who has the capability to develop and have progression of actions. That means patterns! So, they become previsible in a way. Messi is worldclass, but we speak about teams like Milan, Betis, Tottenham etc. The data who matter more in my opionion should be the collective ones and after to add 2-3 player profile.

The patterns of play defensive and offensive in general at normal teams shoule be in my theory from individual to collective and viceversa when analyse a big team.

Approaching the data… How much attention should give?

*NORMAL TEAM – little, dividing in concrete the moments of the game united with the individual data of weakest players

*BIG TEAM – a lot,  dividing in concrete the moments of the game and united with the individual data of best players

Approaching the data…tactical!

*NORMAL TEAM – blocking best players -> accent on our transition

*BIG TEAM – blocking patterns of play -> accent on their transitions

Why? Because big teams are very organised and have quality to kick you any moment. Normal teams if you block best players will develop more and more bad decisions and we must speculate their lack of quality.

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