2018 FIFA World Cup Russia >> Tactical and Technical Conclusions

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After World Cup, Fifa organized a meeting with his Technical comission (Van Basten, Parreira, Amunike, Milutinovici, Roxburgh, Ujevici și Zuberbühler) to evaluate which are the football trends after the competiton won by France. Not a suprise for anybody, the compact-vertical football won. Now a lot of discussion can be made asking which footbal idea can be the one who wins trophyes?

It can be “Mourinho style”, “Guardiola Style” or a mixture between them. To have the precise answer for this you have to look back and see. A quote very often said by football stars says that “defenders win championship, strikers win games”.

Modern 2018 football seems to be focused on compact football style, less associative, short in distances, quick in transition and deadly in quick finishing. Now the team who has more posession doesnt always win, the team who has more opportunityes doesnt win… It is a pharadox, but it is the truth. The truth hurts. Players like Hagi, Maradona, Riquelme could survive with the dissapearing of role no. 10 in our days?

Back to phylosophy of France team I am thinking that ORGANIZATION-TO DO WHAT IT SHOULD BE DONE IN EVERY SITUATION-BALANCE ATTACK/DEFENCE may be the key to succes. Thinking at Mourinho Inter and Porto, at Deschamps France, at Juventus of Capello. But Sacchi and Guardiola or Cruyff are knocking at the door and ask what you do with posession football? Spalletti with his Roma striker less formation 1-4-6-0 using Totti as false nine… Ferguson with his 4-4-2 diamond!

The patterns

Deschamps Character or just adaptation at your players quality? Or your player adapt your ideas when you design in your mind the model of play?

  1. Supercompact teams – 26 m between DC and ST
  2. No long shots – 32% less than South Africa World Cup
  3. Absence of “in between line space” – solution is fast circulation. Spain entered 91 times in last 35 m of opponent(France 56 times), Spain entered 61 times in 16 m of opponent(France 29 times).
  4. No 10 role/playmaker dissapeared. The playmaker is now the player who has the ball. The Playmakers Pirlo 2006, Xavi/Iniesta 2010, Schweinsteiger 2014. Very important and decisive the players who have the ball with the face at the goal and who have creativity, decision making, assist and tireless stamina
  5. Attacking mind fullbacks – dissapeared the “diagonal” one goes – one stays, now the teams attack with both, without alternations, and the role of them is now in no 6 hands
  6. Efficiency – 5/2,1 on goal for scoring, only Russia was more efficient 4,6/1,6 on goal. Also now you need 9,8 shots to score a goal, 8 years ago it was 13 shots for a goal
  7. Running more doesnt mean you win – 113 km distance Serbia. The media of a team is now 104,7 km. The champions  FRANCE were on 28 place with 101 km per game
  8. Importance of set pieces –  England scored 10 goals. 62 goals from 169 goals over all, almost double than 2014 and 2010 World Cup
  9. Collective quality offensive – Belgium scored 15 goals from open play
  10. Dropping importance of possession – Spain 69%, France only 48% and they were Champions

Final Conclusion

Football is in a continuos development. From technical to tactical aspect – everything is rotating like fashion, development – science take place to teacher, mental – more and more important the capacity of players to connect at the game, every second and the attitude to prepare and play it.

The road of coaches? More and more like a manager – mental coach, less a tactical master.

Have a great day!

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