Match Analysis RCD Espanyol >> Interview with Xavi Diaz – Head of Research, Development and Innovation

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Nacsport website released months ago a special interview with Xavi Diaz about RCD Espanyol Match Analysis department who was founded in 2011.

Before, spoke with Victor Manas, analyst of Unay Emery and you can find also on my website the interview here: Interview with Victor Manas

Xavi Diaz, the head, spoke very clear about the need of his departmend, about workflow, 1st team workflow and many more.

For my readers I translated this interview, here is what he said:

  1. About Department (2011)
    – He has a staff, two people
    – They did it for performance analysis and to train the coaches
  2. Why you should have a department?
    – The need to have a structure of analysis at the club
    – 1st and 2nd team need analysis of own and rival
  3. How youth teams use the analysis?
    – Espanyol B use it the most
    – 1st team has his own staff and they do the work alone
    – Each coach of youth teams has his template but they work with the same methodology, analyst offer support and help
  4. Workflow of department
    – Filming every academy game
    – 1st team has his own staff, own performance analyst
    – All the games are uploaded on server -> the departmend do the global analysis -> final project did the head coach of each team
  5. Who has priority: own analysis or opponent?
    – All teams work with same methodology which is structured and also have a development plan
    – Older teams train in function of rival
    – Younger teams traind and analyse according to their structure
  6. Creating templates for analysis
    – They are collaborating and interacting like a brainstorming
    – Methodology departmend design the parameters or targets that a youth team can achive or must achive
    – Coaches create templates according own needs
  7. Match Analysis today 
    – Is very important to have a department because this is giving a plus to improve
  8. Communication with 1st team of RCD Espanyol
    – Depends on Head Coach because they have WyScout and InStat
    – Youth teams doesnt have statistical reports and video so they do this manually
  9. Presentations and how players react?
    – Depends on the coach, one prefer to organize team meetings to show clips using PowerPoint, others prefer organize 1vs1 meetings. With the same objectives: improving and motivating(to show what they did good)
  10. Nacsport and future challenges of his department
    – The programme is very organized and offer great support (I can confirm, I use Nacsport). Also Nacsport organize workshops and trainings to help the coaches to use better the software
    – Unfortunately they hope to raise the numebrs of analyst(they have only 2) and the infrasturcture (statistic and video support from InStat, Opta, Wyscout etc)

PS: Here you cand find the Interview Xavi Diaz – RCD Espanyol

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