Pep Guardiola Match Analysis Method

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My first and new mini-book is ready. After days and nights and a lot of extra hours I managed to write this mini-book about how Pep Guardiola is working with match analysis and how his staff members(Planchart & Torrent) are helping him to develop his model of play and his game.

There are 22 pages of information ready to serve your match analysis need including methodology, strategy, organization and techology during FC Barcelona, Manchester City and FC Bayern periods.

Also this material can help curios people to understand how a staff workflow can impact a professional football team.

The book is not on the market and will not be in the next months because I still feel need to make it better(I am perfectionist).

If you want to read it let me in COMMENT SECTION your e-mail address, subscribe to this website and tell to your friends, coaches and analyst about this Analysis Guide. I will send it to you as soon as possible.




    1. Hello, Kevin!
      You have it on your email.
      Good luck and keep it strong as always…

      PS: Dragus debuted for national team vs Serbia two days ago at 19 and Hagi scored from corner kick against Bosnia

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