All or nothing Man.City – Episode 7

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Sorry for not writing to you in the last weeks. I was so busy developing myself 🙂

Well, the 7-th episode of Manchester City serial had interesting ideas to show. And I have the pleasure to explain you what i saw.

  1. Using tactical film post match analysis and they show goals received. You know, if you have some experience, that some coaches don’t show goals because they feel they can dan damage witg this the morale of a player especially if you speak in front of all the team (you take his personality)
    analysis opponent sportscode
  2.  Analysis before game – they choosed to show images using the 1st leg, not the last game of Liverpool. Choosing this means you have to choose images from the game you played against future opponent sometimes, not to choose the last 3 games for examples. This is a real weapon and must be used because not to many had the answer to this question.
  3. Duration analysis Liverpool – 3 clips, my friends! 3 fucking clips! 1 minute. What was all about? Goals received and apportunity opponent! So fucking simple! They reduce to simple everything especially in the end of a season when players are tired mental and they play each 3 days. Time is a big problem.
  4. Psichologycal fact about analysis – you have to find the right video for your ideas. For example, if your strategy is to attack you put clips with positional attacks of you team-circulation-finishing(goals) and give positive messages. If you want to defend you put your team in high-medium block, pressing moments, tacklings, Gk saves, good defensive moments.

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