All or nothing Man. City – Episode 6

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This episode was so rich in content for me. I think it was the best for a match analyst and I will write in detail here this episode only for you.

  1. Showing Set Pieces to players – paper, not tablet, in the changing room
    Also Bravo said about watching clips that he saved 11 from the last 19 penalty. The method works very well!
    Screenshot 2018-08-28 11.03.58.png
  2. Set Piceses slide show locker room – on TV using HDMI cable
    Screenshot 2018-08-28 11.14.27.png
  3. About Match Analysis process – Dominik Torrent is the guy who take care about Set Pieces and creates video, the duration he said, it is 10 minutes defensive + offensive. another duty of him is also to see what Pep don’t see and also Planchart don’t see, the 6 eye better that 4 eyes.Screenshot 2018-08-28 11.28.00.png
    Screenshot 2018-08-28 11.35.56
  4. About Planchart role – Guardiola says “he is my eye, always opponent, strenght and weaknesses, he is thniking like a coach using the video to create a report about the opponent”
    Screenshot 2018-08-28 11.27.21.png
    They are looking at this things when they analyse:
    – first idea is to have the game filmed wide angle(global position of a player)
    – how the opponent play + to see everything about how the opposite understand and develop SPACE offensve/defensive(WHERE they attack and HOW they defend)
    – OFFENSIVE OWN TEAM (pressing high, system flux of game,  how they create amplituide with wingers and fullbacks, combinative attack, counterattack, build up, amplitude central defenders, individual clips)
    – DEFENSIVE OWN TEAM (defensive block high-medium-down, negative transition, pressing)
    Screenshot 2018-08-28 11.34.19Screenshot 2018-08-28 11.29.11

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