All or Nothing Man.City – Episode 5

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Well, this episode was rich in details that interested me a lot.

We could see Zinchenko story, Yaya training kids, Kompany showing to kids how to dribble like Cruyff and signing autographs or telling them about Nelson Mandela story.

Starting with what is important for me.

  1. Analyst showing penalty to Gk – after that in the next game the goalkeeper saved a penalty
    analyst showing clips
  2. Analysis own team/opponent – images using SportsCode with Bristol City performance, again tactical filming
    analysis opponent sportscode
  3. Half Time analysis again – in locker room Planchart comes and shows to Pep SportsCode images cutted live. look at Planchart Macbook, it seems to show not to many categories. what he is doing differently is that he doesnt make a presentation after 1st half, just knows which clips he is showing.
    half time analysis
  4. Guardiola preparing meeting looking at Planchart analysis – here we can see clearly that is a presentation with 27 clips and the duration can be (if every clips means 30 seconds) 13,5 minutes, almost 14 minutes. INTERESTING! Pep, here, is writing on the paper what he is seeing in every clips for not forgetting something at the meeting.pep preparing meeting 27 clips
  5. Set Pieces Clear – finnaly i could catch the image to see. they write the names of kickers(penalty, corner, free kick) and also basic instruction like “be carefull to second ball”
    set pieces explanation

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