All or nothing Man.City – Episode 3

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I am living with the impression that every episode show important details about analysis.  Episode 3 was impressing for me, i could write 5-6 important ideas. I could see again how big manipulator of emotions is Pep and i could find answer to the question “The analyst of Pep really he cut by hymself the images or Pep give to him the minutes?”

Writing on Hans Zimmer is impressive. Like what i saw yeserday. So, i will share with you my impressions again.

  1. Analysis Tool
    – In the analysis room i could see again magnetic board and a big screen with touch screen used for half time analysis. When i was in Milan in 2016 the analyst of Inter since Mourinho period told me that before every game he projected on the screen how their opponent receive goals
    Analysis Tools
  2. Half Time analysis
    – That guy who is on the right looking at the camera, he has there two monitor, i belive he keeps live contact with Planchart who is on the bench and see live tactical filming of the game. You can see different type of filming compared to a normal game. So, for me they are 2-3 peope who take care of this (Planchart, this guy let’s say locker room guy, and another one who is filming tactical and cut the game live). Look at Planchart he is with the laptop on his hands in the locker room during half time(second photo).Half time analysis
    Torrent checking statistics with staff or maybe video
  3. Using analyst to motivate the team & considering analyst part of the team
    – Wow, just wow. He took Planchart in the locker room and used his words to tell to his players to rest and watch Crystal Palace. Why? Because the analyst told to Pep thay Palace is a “wow team”. For Planchart image it was perfect move, for Pep perfect moment to manipulate players and also builing super image to Planchart, players will respect him more after that.
    Charles Planchart
  4. Guardiola give minutes for cutting to analyst
    – It was a full debate on this. One coach prefer to give himself, others let you to do the video. I lived with both coaches, but for me as analyst I prefer to receive minutes. Why? It is not about assuming responsability! It is about you have a good analysis, no stress every meeting, the coach knows what he will show to his players and will be calm. I think it is better like this. There are situations when you dont have time to do like this but this are isolated moments. What is really impressing is even with Planchart who is his analyst since 2007 he act like i am the boss, i give minutes for you to cut, avoinding risk to complicate the things. for example adapting speech to video, not video to speech. Maybe it is not a pattern but should be in consideration
    Guardiola analysis in the planeGuardiola give minutes to analyst for cutting video
  5. No video-analysis when they play once at 3 days. Announcing 1st “11” without PowerPoint vs Watford
    – Both things happened in the Christmas period when the calendar was full and to be honest sometimes you have to let the players free and to be less rigid with this things, i know it is somehow wrond didactical but you have to feel how charged mental is the player. Maybe it is not a pattern, but should be taken in consideration
  6. Match-Analysis communication
    – As i wrote before look at this guy who has a communication system in the right ear, i saw also this thing live when i played with a team in champions league, for sure the communicate live with analyst and with someone who is on the bench
    match analysis communication

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