All or Nothing Man.City – Episode 2

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The second episode of the Man.City life under Guardiola was very interesting and it had a lot of subjects: images from Napoli game, interview with Aguero, gym and washing laundry rooms, Sterling goal against Southampton in the 96′ minutes and injury treatment of Mendy in Barcelona.

But, what is was really important for a match analysis was the quality of information they give to the players and the technology they use.

So, step by step what i saw:

  1. The importance of analyse and be self critical – John Stones speaking about this in the gym
  2. At official games the away team is written in the locker room. No counterpositioning for example
  3. Big TV in locker room, i think is used for having fun but also for half time analysis
  4. Big TV near the door of locker room where you can see a tactical video of the game live (maybe linked with half-time analysis)
    Monitorizare video
  5. Live monitoring of players with GPS thanks to sensor. The information is live transmitted to a watch who is on pysical trainer hand
  6. Sportscode – analyse tool. The setpieces of the opponent presented at the meeting by assistant coach Dominik Torrent(for me he is the analyst). He didn’t use Coach Paint or KlipDraw, just a pointer(winning time in preparation). As way to present the information he didn’t say to the players do this, or do that, he just said you have this option 5vs3 there, cross on second post etc.
    FFO City Sportscode
  7. Set Pieces printed – PowerPoint
    Faze Fixe City

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