All or Nothing Man. City – Episode 1

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Today I stated to watch the documentary about life of Man.City under Pep Guardiola. I’ll do for you a mini-story of each episode in relation with match-analyst life. What you can extract and implement in your work.

I don’t want to take your time, i just want to develop myself and to develop you.

So, today what was interesting?

  1. The Set Pieces
    – in locker room, they are draw on a simple light green pitch without opponent
    – only 4 pages: one corner offensive, one corner defensive, one free kick offensive, one free kick defensive

    Faze Fixe City
    Kevin De Bruyne left – Set Pieces of Man City right
  2. Motivational 
    – quote about greatness
  3. Locker room – Tactical board
    – ushig a TOP COACH board, no flipchart
  4.  Telestrator
    – The draw directly on video using a board who cost i think 6.000 euro
  5. Transfers
    -paid 128 million euro on 3 fullbacks
  6. Analysis room
    -everything clean, normal, a beamer, magnetic tactical board, no flipchart

Why so much money? Because, now, the importance of fullbacks is vital in modern football, they create amplitude, they create superiority, they stop 1vs1 fantastic wingers or inside forwards.

Looking forward to see episode 2, the stroy of Manchester City goes on!


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