Communication Match Analyst – Head Coach

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One of the most important thing in match-analyst life is not your work. Pretty shocking, right? Life is somethimes a little unfair…

I strongly belive that the communication of your analyst work is far more important than what you film, tag, write in scouting reports.

Thats why you have to focus a lot on your PERSONAL SKILLS and SELF DEVELOPMENT more than even now. Why?

Time is short between two games, the job of a coach is stressing and is very complex, evertything is happening in full speed. You have to give the shortest but the most complex answer yo your coach. Think about a quote that a big german coach told me one time: “ONE MINUTE COACHING”.

Some ideas for you, my experience regarding half time analysis and daily activity

  1. You have to present the situation very clear and to give a solution
  2. Everything must be filtered in function on the score at halftime and to give relevant informations.
  3. You have to thing about and to see the emotional situation of a coach -> be carefull how your coach is speaking and his body language
  4. Adapt your attitude and message to this and take responsability

How you present your work?

  1. The informations must be cristal clear
  2. Is very important to give solution and to present more solution than mistakes(be positive)
  3. Try to divide the informations in two: primordial and secondary
  4. Try not to lose yourself in small details, dont give wrong information is better than to give informations
  5. Negative examples discussed in the office after games/trainings only with the head coachh

Think about it…and if you have something to tell let me you opinion! I am looking to hear you.

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